Sunday, December 15, 2013

A World of Stories

Human beings are storytellers.  It is how we communicate. It is how we make sense of our world.  As Peter Turchi writes, in Maps of The Imagination: The Writer as Cartographer, "A great deal of what we know, we know only through our imaginations, and that knowledge is crucial to our lives." More than that, stories document our cultural and political lives, revealing the human journey through time and change, thereby rescuing history, as Don DeLillo observes, from its confusion. 

In early December, Harvard University hosted Tell Me A Story a panel discussion of the value of storytellers and storytelling as part of the their Scholars at Risk program. The panel was was moderated by Stephen Greenblatt and included Robert Pinsky, Kimberly Theidon, Tracy Kidder, Jill Lapore Birtukan Midedekssa.

Please visit the Harvard Gazette article for a full look at the day's events.

Hollis Shore

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